Jacobsen Egg Chair

The Marvelous Egg Chair

When talking about modern home design, egg chair is one of the latest trends without any doubt. Many people feel highly satisfied about the style and comfort associated with Arne Jacobsen Egg chair. Even though, this was introduced several years ago, this is the fastest growing trend in the current furniture home design.


The present day egg chair is the redesign and moden adaptations of the original Egg that was introduced by Arne Jacobsen for a hotel in Copenhagen in the year 1958. As during this period of its introduction, it was rare to find this furniture in different models, the Arne Jacobsen egg chair without any doubt denoted exclusivity.

Even though, some people are opting for the modern version of this furniture, many are still attracted to the Jacobsen Egg Chair.

Here are some interesting facts about this piece of furniture:

The modern Egg Chair Replica is designed with the highes level of comfort and relaxation in mind, but at an affordable cost. The replicas are made out of highest quality seat cushions, thereby making them soft and perfect for relaxation and rest. This particular model is presently available in wool, leather and fiber-glass shell versions for the purchasers to choose fro.

Egg Chair Replica is meant for those, who look for the exact depiction of Jacobsen egg chair. On the other hand, for those interested in modern versions, there are other models available in the market.

When talking about Egg Chair Reproduction, it is available in different colors for the homeowners to choose the ideal color that can go well with the other interiors in their home. Not just for home, this can be the ideal piece of furniture for office as well.jacobsen-style-egg-chair-wool-38

The regular cost of this piece of furniture will be around $6000. But, the purchasers will be surprised to know that when they opt for the replica, they can just pay around $700 for the same type of furniture. This can be a wonderful value addition to their living room to get a relaxing place to spend after getting to home from a day of heavy work at the office.

When placing order for egg chair reproduction online, it is better to check whether the store offers free shipping and also whether they are assuring quality materials used in the manufacture of the furniture. As mentioned earlier, they are available in different materials to choose from for the purchasers as well.